An instrument at the service of society

Francisco Verdía Foundation is established in October 2004 as a non-profit entity and legal personality, and is recognized as foundation of Galician and charitable social interest by the Galicia regional government in February 2005, assuming the role of Protectorate the Consellería of Innovation, Industry and Commerce of the Xunta de Galicia.


Innovation and scientific research

Through the promotion and development of scientific, industrial and technological innovation and research, as well as the management and diffusion of this knowledge, especially as they may be useful for the creation or improvement of products, processes and services.

Providing care and support services

Through the provision of care and training, educational and occupational support services, and the grant of financial assistance, resources and services to institutions and individuals. With the goal of improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged groups, especially pursues to promote and facilitate the integration of people with difficulties, temporary or permanent, physical or psychological, educational or social exclusion, into the world of work.
These are the two great action fields on which several programs and projects that we develop are configured, some of which are carried through partnerships and specific agreements with other institutions and entities.


Among the beneficiaries is any natural person who enters or develops in Galicia an activity within the framework of our founding purposes or persons who live in this community and demand care services or assistance rendered by the Foundation, as well as the Spanish nationality entities, with legal personality, which according to their statuses, develop in Galicia a matching activity that the Foundation performs or promotes.