Verdía Advisors and Consultants provides an exhaustive and permanent tax advice of commercial activities to its clients. A proper planning will optimize the tax advantages provided by the current legislation, in order to reduce the tax burden.

Main services:

Study and fiscal planning of the Personal Income Tax. Consideration of the wealth tax and the inheritance and gift tax. Restructuring of wealth. Family business.
Analysis and global study of the company. Tax advice on the Corporate Tax statement. Credits and tax deduction optimization. Special regimes. Close of the fiscal year. Advice of non-profit organizations and on patronage tax incentives.
VAT (Value Added Tax). Register, tax settlement and study in different schemes. Transfer tax and stamp duty.
Taxes and local charges. IAE (Economic Activities Tax), IBI (Property Tax) and Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land. Taxation of the autonomous communities.
Tax management procedures, verification and collection of the different taxes. Attention to requirements, inquiries and complaints from the Tax Administration. Application of undue income.
Tax inspection procedures and verifying of the different taxes before the Tax Administration.
Interposition of resources and claims in administrative proceedings before the State, Local or Regional Tax Administration.