Verdía Advisors and Consultants is a company who provides tax, accounting, economic and financial, legal and labor services.

Within its activities, special attention is given to the development of personalized projects that require a specific technical assistance in their organization, management and monitoring, as well as uptake of grants and subsidies, support and resources. In addition, through associates and subsidiaries of the group, it offers solutions in the areas of communication, institutional relations and marketing, insurance coverage, auditing, financial intermediation, foreign trade and document files.

Founded in 1978, Verdía Advisors and Consultants has location in A Coruña. Its clients portfolio includes several private and public entities. Small, medium and large companies, professionals and managers, entrepreneurs and individuals, have chosen us as consultants. Our team of people trained in different sectors, and our technical equipment constantly innovated gives us optimal capacity to face all kind of situations with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Our values

  • Market knowledge
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Experience and professionalism
  • Commitment and integrity
  • Qualified and multidisciplinary team
  • Flexible and personalized attention

How we work

Integral service

Customized solutions

Maximum commitment