Verdía Advisers and Consultants offers a specialized, fast, effective and reliable service to its clients, result of the extensive experience and know-how of the qualified professionals who compose it. This enables us to provide suitable solutions for the companies that are faced with the complex current legal system.

Main services:

  • Legal Advice for companies. Consulting, conflict prevention and analysis, contingencies and litigation issues inside of the commercial-business environment.
  • Corporate transactions execution: constitutions, capitalization, mergers, acquisitions, transmissions, divisions, dissolutions, liquidations, securities swaps, inheritance, disposal of assets or branches of activity.
  • Drafting, revising, and legal advice on civil and commercial contracts and agreements documentation.
  • Acts of preparation, approach, monitoring, processing, procurement, formalization and challenges of acts, checks, contracts, inspections and procedures of Public Administrations.
  • Labor law advice in individual and collective relations, and general issues of human resources, Social Security and Public Administrations.
  • Labor audits. Litigation in organs of social, criminal and civil jurisdiction.
  • Legal-tax study of issues, responsabilities, operations, activities and commercial and patrimonial traffic. Criteria and option reports. Diagnosis, channeling and resolution of business crisis situations. Intervention, monitoring and surveillance in pre-insolvency and bankruptcy situations.
  • Development of secretariat functions for companies and legal entities. Advice and preparation of proposals, calls, records, corporate resolutions, attorney priviledges, authorizations, delegations, drafting of statutory provisions and public elevation of necessary extremes, completion of formalities and procedures in the authorities, public notaries applicable records.
  • Identification of needs and design of proposals and models of adequate legal and tax structures.