Verdía Grants and Subsidies offers to its clients an integral service of subsidies. Being aware of the investment that project development supposes for the company, we analyze and transfer detailed information about the different lines and funding sources the company is able to choose from.

Additionally, we identify that aid that adapts better to the projects, supporting in the management they involve, saving work, time and expense, until the finalization of the process.

All of this results in optimizing benefits, management strategies improvement and more profitability.

Verdía Grants and Subsidies define its actions in three main areas.

Main services:

Verdía Grants and Subsidies analyzes and identifies the existing aid for investment projects the client wants to undertake, establishing the timing and the strategy to follow:
  • Preliminary analysis of the viability and possibilities of achievement, according to the subsidies and grant rules, as well as the circumstances and details of the company.
  • Location of the different administrations and local, regional, national and European organisms, potentially funders of investment projects.
Verdía Grants and Subsidies submits the application before the different subsidizer organisms, implementing a personalized tracing and keeping a direct contact with the programme managers:

  • Makes the submission of grant applications in any level (local, regional, national or commentary).
  • Provides its knowledge and experience to maximize the chances of getting the grant.
  • Performs the memory of the project for its institutional presentation.
  • Creates the dossier for the aid application.
  • Effectuates a custom control of the application process for grants in the pertinent organisms.
  • Controls the economic and financial planning of the project.
  • Assists in the identification of the funding sources, as well as resourcing and negotiating its conditions.
  • Advises during the project execution in its financial, legal and tax aspects.
Verdía Grants and Subsidies makes all the necessary steps to obtain the grant payment by the client and provides personalized assistance in his/her relation with the awarding bodies:
  • Assists clients in all necessary steps, once the grant has been approved.
  • It is responsible for the preparation of the necessary documentation for the payment of the grant (invoices and payment proofs).
  • Asesora al cliente en su relación con el organismo otorgante una vez concedida la subvención.
  • Effectuates regular reminders of the investments to be made and the deadlines to be met order to collect the grant.
  • Manufactures technical reports about the obtained results in the framework of the granted project.
  • Makes the monitoring of the recovery request, once submitted to the awarding entity and in direct contact with the managers of the subsidy program.
  • Takes steps concerning the aid recovery.
  • Performs compliance audits, if so required by the Administration.