The services of consulting, financial and business management that Verdía Group offers to its clients include a wide range of possibilities guided to design and implant corporate developments that improve competitiveness, make easier growth and expansion, increase profits and constitute a source of value creation for shareholders.

From its Corporate Finance area, Verdía Advisers and Consultants provides services of highly specialized financial, economic and strategic advice, including creative solutions and ideas for the future of a company, as well as for critical points that require a quick decision-making.

Verdía Corporate Finance defines its activities in three main areas with specific solutions.

Main services:

Verdía Corporate Finance advises in businesses sale-purchase processes. Participates in all kind of operations, (acquisitions, demergers, mergers, joint ventures or strategic alliances). The main objective operational performance is to maximize, protecting the client interests and providing support during all the process: Preliminary strategic assessment, due diligence of acquisition or sale, integration process or business segregation and other “post-transaction” services, like the working capital, systems, process and control improvement.
  • Acquisitions and companies, businesses and assets divestitures.
  • Mergers, demergers and dissolutions.
  • Companies sale-purchase contracts.
  • Business Recovery Services.
  • Financial partners incorporation.
  • Venture Capital (Private Equity): MBOs, MBIs, LBOs, IBO, etc.
  • Corporate and business concentration.
  • Leveraged acquisitions: Management and Leveraged Buy-Out.
  • Design and making of due diligence: Financial, legal, fiscal and market.
  • Growth strategy and sectorial consolidation: Buy and Built.
  • Joint-ventures, partnerships, strategic alliances and other nacional and international forms of association.
Verdía Corporate Finance offers advice on related issues to the value, its measurement and analyzes the best strategic options for its maximization.


  • Policy, planning and financial management.
  • Economic and financial viability of investment projects.
  • Structuring of projects, business and companies financial.
  • Financial capital markets access.
  • Restructuring of the operating and estate assets.
  • Companies and business rating.
  • Investments and venture capital funding.


  • Strategic definition and business plans.
  • Businesses, markets and products diversification.
  • Financial and capital market access.
  • Consulting, generational change processes and corporate management in family business.
  • Crisis management.
Verdía Corporate Finance has successfully developed studies and projects in diverse areas such as:
  • Renewable energy: Wind, biomass, photovoltaic solar.
  • Pharmaceutical sector.
  • Mining and mineral processing industry.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing.
  • Manufacture of food products and beverage.
  • Manufacture of wood, cork and forestry machinery.
  • Communication services.
  • Public sector: Infrastructure area.
  • Land transport of passengers and goods.
  • Manufacture of furniture.